Hi again!

It's an absolute pleasure to meet you!

Design helps people achieve their goals in an easier way, so I found my passion in UX design and transferred from the marketing industry because I love helping people solve their problems most efficiently.

I have a history of working in the technology, fintech and fashion industries. It keeps me always putting company's growth in mind as one of my design principles.

Outside of design, you'll find me in a gym🏋, a kitchen👨🍳, or on my way to take photos📷.

💼 Work Experience

  • UX Researcher/UIUX Designer
    University of Toronto Innovation Hub
  • UX Researcher/UIUX Designer
    U of T Student Life Health & Wellness Department
  • Account Manager
    Snaplii Inc.

👍 My Expertise

  • UIUX
    Figma/Adobe XD/Webflow/Miro
  • Graphic Design
    Procreate/Canva/Adobe Photoshop
  • Programming
  • 3D/Prototyping
    Spark AR
  • Video Editing
    Adobe Premiere

❤️ My Values

  • Empathy
    I prioritize putting myself in the shoes of the people I design for to foster a positive connection with the end users.
  • Collaboration
    Successful design can never be achieved alone. I live for the opportunities where ideas develop and bounce off each other.
  • Eagerness to Learn
    The concept of being a lifelong learner encourages me to get improvement in design every single day.
  • Aesthetics, Details & Craft
    I craft my design to bring users a happy face.

🏆 Competition

UIUX Designer
MDL Designathon 2022

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